TopicType 2 Diabetes - If You Feel Like a Victim Take Action to Reverse It!

  • Wed 14th Feb 2018 - 11:02am

    All these new high tech drugs are mainly for the Type 2 Diabetes Defeated Review sake of controlling or maintaining the blood sugar level of the patients. These drugs are not doing any good in reversing or curing type ii diabetes or insulin resistance. Well, if someday they finally come out a Super Pill that can totally cure type ii diabetes and the patients do not have to continue popping in those daily diabetic pills anymore, what will happen to the medical industry?All those giant pharmaceutical companies will be out of business and file for bankruptcy in less than a year! Look, those disease controlling drugs are like the lifeline of Big Pharmas. These mega companies will paralyse as soon as the consumers stop depending on their drugs to maintain the disease, since the Super Pill has cured them.

    This is the hard sad fact that we must face. They have created a system that is so commercialized that it turned medical into a money making business instead of a life saving endeavour. Try to walk into a hospital to ask for a treatment for your type ii diabetes without a medical insurance, you will feel the cold cruel side this once very sacred and well respected institution. Everything is about money now! Thus, do not get sick if you do not have the money to 'control' it!Actually, there are ways to prevent or reverse type ii diabetes that are much cheaper, safer and more economical, but these natural methods can hardly get official recognition by the related professional institutions. To them, all these natural remedies or treatments are medical nonsense because they do not have strong clinical data to support it.


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