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  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 11:48am

    Hernioplasty: Is simply the plastic repair of the abdominal wall performed after reducing a hernia.

    Indications for JRHONEST Review surgery
    1. Presence of hernia
    2. Incarcerated hernia
    3. Strangulation of hernia

    Complications of surgery
    i. Damage to the spermatic cord
    ii. Infection
    iii. Recurrence
    iv. Haemorrhage into the scrotum
    v. Respiratory distress
    vi. Thromboembolism
    vii. Urine retention
    viii. Abdominal distention.

    Pre-Operative Preparation
    General pre-operative measures should be observed. In addition, patient should be observed for signs of respiratory infection. Should there be any respiratory infection it must be treated before surgery so as to prevent the risk of increased intra-abdominal pressure that would arise as a result of coughing which may likely breakdown the repair post-operatively or further weaken the repair.

    Blood transfusion should be carried out if patient is in shock to improve circulatory volume. In case of strangulated hernia, gastric intubation should be carried out and suctioning done to relieve distension and vomiting.



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