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  • Tue 13th Mar 2018 - 12:04pm

    What is burn thickness?

    The different layers of your skin do different things JRHONEST for you, some can protect and insulate you, others can grow new skin, regulate body temperature, grow hair, guard against infection and communicate with your brain about what your environment feels like. The supple flexibility of your skin allows you to move and breath. 

    The Deeper the Burn Penetrates will determine which of these functions may be damaged and which of these functions may be lost forever. If you have just been confronted with a burns accident, don't try to determine the depth or extent of the burn, JUST COOL IT. COOLING of the burn is your really important FIRST aim, even before you've had a chance to evaluate the depth or extent of the burn. JUST COOL IT. You may just stop a minor burn from escalating into a major burn.

    Referring to my own case: Had not water been run GENTLY over my body within seconds of the burn accident, my full thickness burns (3rd Degree) would have been much higher than 50% of body surface area.


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